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‘Thank you for providing such an intensely satisfying Smile Fitness retreat. It was a great day! The whole package was excellent. Making people feel happy is your goal in life and that is why we like to be around you. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.’ Adriana





‘Thank you, Adele and Kirsten. I thought the day was great. I really enjoyed it and learnt some new makeup tips which I can’t wait to put into practice. Actually, I just looked at my face and thought how nice the makeup looked. I am also inspired by your talk to really focus on my eating and exercise. So, for me the day was really motivating. Thank you both it was very obvious all the time and effort that went into preparing for it.’ Kim




Thank you Adele for all the specialised information and your very personal approach at the Smile Fitness Retreat. Each person was given assistance and guidance as per their needs. It was a valuable experience for me; one I was privileged to be part of. The extent of preparation for a day such as today is mind boggling. Well done. It was a great service and excellent learning opportunity.’ Renee





carmen 3

carmen 1It’s been a joy to work my way back to my passion with Adele. Beekeeping is my passion but it’s been tricky since hurting my neck and shoulder late last year. Adele has helped me learn better posture and more effective lifting. I’m stronger now and I work with my shoulders “back and down”. I’m smiling and feeling more confident. Thanks Adèle for helping me get active again. I can feel the rewards after just a few weeks of strength training! Carmen (50)

sue 70Once upon a time, I considered myself fit.  Then my knees started playing up, I had a couple of falls and I lost my confidence in going on any walks. Two years ago, I had a double knee replacement and took up water walking at the Tuggeranong pool to strengthen my knees and upper leg muscles.  Last month Adele told me I had won her lucky draw prize of 30 minutes of Physical Training, I thought I couldn’t do that as I knew about the Boot Camp thing she did, so I told her to give the prize to someone else.  Adele assured me that it wasn’t like that at all and she would be gentle with me.  I was still worried as she told me to make sure I had a water bottle. The day of the Physical Training Session started on the treadmill. I had never been on one before, I kept looking at my feet that kept disappearing behind me.  I think with Adele’s gentle coaching I managed to do the last minute upright and looking ahead.  Next Adele showed me the correct way to sit and to stand without slouching, also how to walk with confidence with my head up and taking deep breaths. Adele then showed some exercises with small dumb bells to strengthen the arms.  Adele finished the session off with a brief talk on cardio exercises which she recommended I should start doing again as water walking was good for the knees but it wasn’t getting the old heart pumping.  A few days after the session, my daughter and family together with my husband and I went on a ten day tour of China. When we went to the Great Wall of China, I was determent to climb the steep steps to the first lookout tower.  While climbing up the 435 steps (I countered them) in 37 deg heat I kept thinking I must tell Adele about this. I am doing my cardio exercises, she would be proud of me.  When I reached the lookout tower I stood there looking out at the beautiful view of the Great Wall and the steep steps I had just climbed and I was proud of me as well.  Sue (70)


My name is Denise.  I am 47 years of age, mother of two, soon to be a grandma. I first met Adele when I was looking for a beautician.  I was extremely impressed with her ability and techniques. To this day Adele still does my nails, waxing and facials. When Adele informed me, she was becoming a personal trainer I was very interested, knowing her passion and dedication to achieve all her goals    I still recall stepping through that “green door” the very first time how nervous I was, even though I had been through this door so many times, but this was different I had signed up with Adele for Personal Training. This was huge for me since I hadn’t done any gym or fitness work for a very long time.  My goal with Adele is to tone, body sculpt and maintain a good healthy lifestyle.  Each workout is varied and tailored to my needs.  Our sessions are always hard but always with an element of fun to keep me motivated.  Right from the first session I knew I had the right person teaching me as she stands by my side ensuring that every weight or stretch I do is carried out correctly ensuring that I have the best benefits with no injuries.  I have been with Adele for more than 2 years and truly thankful for what she has given me in the way of my strength, confidence and coordination.  I have gained definition and have a lot more energy.   Adele has helped with my diet giving me all the advice required to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. I have learnt so much from Adele with her willingness to share her knowledge and expertise.  Adele has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my wellbeing. I have talked my husband into joining even though he works in a labour-intensive job.  Adele has him working on his core strength and muscle growth to ensure he can cope with his job in his later years.  If you were thinking of bettering your health and strength I would highly recommend taking that first step, making an appointment with Adele for a consultation.  You won’t regret it!

renee triathlonI am delighted to provide this testimonial on Adele because I have found her services to be of an excellent standard, one I am confident to recommend. Adele’s professionalism is obvious. Adele is focused on you during personal training.  She has great patience and carefully assists in the exercises she guides you through.  Her care in this area secures good posture and avoids physical damage. Her background as a ballerina/ballet teacher, and her additional supporting qualifications, makes her a superior personal trainer with outstanding credentials. Adele’s dedication to providing the best is a constant.  I look forward to the challenging but safe gym routine.  The facial is a treat that is relaxing as well as being therapeutic.  Adele uses quality products and is adept and skilful at all times. The environment she provides is welcoming and engaging. Adele is attentive to my goals and needs and adapts to these as they change.  She is always positive and makes me feel comfortable and welcome on each visit. Renee Hart (69) – Teacher


Adele is a fantastic personal trainer. I like how she works holistically with me across a range of health and wellbeing areas. Adele’s skills as a personal trainer are second to none and I strongly recommend her.  Adele adjusts her approach to cater for my circumstances and how I’m feeling on a session by session basis, this level of service and expertise is outstanding.

Rod Hatch CEO Wisdom

I was a client odeanna nailsf Adele’s for 18 months or so, mainly doing PT twice a week, but also got my nails done on a regular basis and also had the occasional massage or make up session, and also used the skin care products.
What I loved about going to Adele’s for PT sessions was that I felt really valued. If I had had a rough day at work, not only would Adele smash my body (in a good way!) she would also offer her support by being an ear to listen.. the difference between using Adele’s services vs a “typical” gym PT was that it felt so much more personal and tailored to me, with someone who genuinely cared. At the end of a PT session, we would do these horrendous stretches (I think the years she spent in ballet turned her into a painfully wonderful stretching machine) – when I say horrendous,    I really mean great!! – and she would have me visualising a “blue    button”, breathing and stretching at the same time, which I found was really great to help quiet my mind. NAILS – I recommend just asking Adele to “do whatever she wants” and you’ll end up with an absolutely unique creation on your hands. Definitely give all of Adele’s services a go ~ her warm approach to everything she does flows through in the service you’ll receive.Thanks Adele! 😊 Deanna Ezzy. Director and primary broker at More than Mortgages

ken 100

My wife was the first person to extoll the qualities of, and optimistic influence, generated by Adele. When I first met Adele in person, I found her to be an extremely multi-talented person, with an enormous enthusiasm for life. In training and working together, she always demonstrated that she had an attitude of tenaciousness, discipline and genuine focused attention for those fortunate enough to be cared for, or trained by her. It was a pleasure to be trained by Adele, as she always put a lot of “one-to-one” energy into every session. Also, she was always careful to demonstrate the correct technique for everything we did. It was also fun to be taught by someone who took an honest interest in my progress. I believe that I was able to make considerable progress under Adele’s guidance. I would recommend Adele to anyone who is seeking to improve themselves and make progress in life. She has the skills, experience and dedication to make improvements in anyone’s life, whether these are in the endeavours of fitness, beauty, fashion, or life motivation. She has an encouraging and caring attitude, ensures that very professional work is done every time, and is extremely well motivated. Adele has the ability to influence other people to reach, and maintain their dreams. Ken Hart  – Bachelor of Science, Health and Education

caitlin 1

I adore Smile Fitness because I adore Adele and everything she stands for. At Smile Fitness, they take a holistic approach to transform you into your best self, both inside and out. Even on a bad day, Adele will help you break out of your shell and help you work towards meeting your goals. Adele works wonders, she is selfless, compassionate and passionate through and through. Seriously, sign up for Smile Fitness today – you won’t be sorry! Caitlin Figueirido (Young Leader Award in Westpac/AFR ‘Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women’)

tam and deb

My teen daughter and I had a wonderful pampering with Smile Fitness !! Manicures, eye brow shaping, facials and specialist consultation for our skins needs – both for skincare and a make-up makeover. I now have an ENVIRON regime for dark pigmentation and my teen kids (boy and girl) have a regime tailored for their young skin. My daughter now feels so happy with her skin that she no longer wears cover-up make-up to school, just the Environ products !! Thank you Adele for helping me see the value in looking after me ! Tamlyn Creane – Mother

girls campaignAdele from Smile Fitness was a guest speaker at The Girl Campaign’s first women’s event ‘The Girl Champagne.’ This Event was all about empowering women to take some time for them. To embrace the beautiful person that makes them who they are. To enable woman to practice self care. To give ourselves credit where credit is due. I asked Adele to be one of the guest speakers as I had read about Smile Fitness and loved the concept behind it.  Adele was very accommodating to my requests and spoke beautifully, engaging the crowd of 90 women. Adele told her story of her interesting background, gave some tips for women to leave the house with a smile, a little about her business and how a smile is the most important thing we can wear.Thanks Adele.  Kimberli – founder The Girl Campaign

Michelle before and after 2Michelle (42) has done the complete journey through Smile Fitness. – Fitness, Beauty and Fashion Styling.
Michelle signed up for the Smile Fitness 12 week challenge. Her goal was to lose 10 kg so that her 4 year old daughter could put her arms around her waist. After 12 weeks Michelle had lost 10kg
A new goal was set to lose another 10kgs. Adele wrote Michelle a new workout program and fine tuned the diet and Michelle lost another 10kg!!
Michelle set a new goal. She decided that she would like to fit into the wedding dress that she bought seven years ago for her wedding that was postponed because she fell pregnant and couldn’t get into the dress. ‘My wedding dress is still sitting in my mother’s wardrobe gathering dust!!! Michelle wanted to get married!!!
A wedding date was set. It was decided that Michelle would need to lose another 3kg to fit into the dress. Again the workout program was reviewed and the diet fine-tuned and Michelle lost another 4kgs!!! A total of 24kgs were lost!
Michelle married Len on 8th November. Adele at Smile Fitness did her spray tan, nails, make up and waxing. Adele also did the Bridesmaid’s and mother of the Bride’s make up. It was a glorious day. The wedding was at the Canberra Arboretum.
A wonderful story with a fabulous ending, except that it didn’t end there! Michelle always wore tracksuit pants and a ‘T’ shirt hiding her new shapely body. Adele did a Colour Analysis on Michelle to establish which colours would best suit her colouring, and then Adele took her shopping for a new outfit, including matching handbag and Michelle’s first pair of high heeled shoes! A photo shoot was then arranged with Doug Hall, a Canberra Photographer. Adele also supervised Michelle’s hair and did her makeup. With this new found confidence Michelle has now decided to open her own Dog grooming business. 


Before I went to Adele I was not very happy with the way I was going at gymnastics. I was struggling with most of the easiest skills (press ups and chin ups). Since attending Adele’s lessons I have  excelled! I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to and now my gymnastic coaches and I are much happier with my training. Now I feel like I actually have future in Gymnastics. Lily, Gymnast, 11 years old 😊

sam 2018I am so proud of Smile Fitness client Sam. Sam is autistic and a survivor of brain cancer. He has been training with me since April 2014. The physical improvement in him has been remarkable. Initially he battled to get up off the floor, was frightened of moving quickly on the treadmill and of raising his heart rate. He couldn’t begin to understand leg raises or sit-ups…. Sam and I have worked hard to overcome his fears of some of the equipment and exercises and have raised the bar when it comes to repetitions and weight on the equipment, and speed and incline on the treadmill. He now stands up comfortably and with ease from the floor, happily does sit-ups and push ups, runs at a fast pace on the treadmill and is Dead Lifting 80kg with ease. He arrives and always asks ‘We can do something new today? Personal Training has taught Sam an enormous amount about himself, his abilities and improved his self-confidence. He looks forward to his regular sessions with me with great enthusiasm, it has been wonderful to watch him blossom, encouraging him to exercise regularly and teaching him that it is a lifestyle, contributing to his overall health and well being.

lea 1

Looking for quality beauty treatment? You should try Simply Gorgeous Health and Beauty Salon. I use Adele’s services regularly and I am very impressed with every aspect. She has exceptionally clean premises and provides an excellent and professional service. The shellac nail polish lasted four weeks and I still did not have a chip. Adele also gives massages to die for. Her facial treatments make your skin glow, you feel revitalised and healthy. Adele’s waxing services and eyebrow/eyelash tinting are terrific too. Try Simply Gorgeous Salon you will not be disappointed. Lea Beattie 



michelle 10kgDear Adele. I would just like to thank you SO much for helping me on my Weight loss journey. I never thought that I could do it….well I new that I could do it, I just didn’t know how…. With all your help on what to do and what to eat and your support, I did it! 10 kg in 12 weeks! WOW even with all my injuries that I had before I started on this journey…(I must admit that I was using them as an excuse not to even try to lose weight) But with you there were no excuses just good advice. I now have a much better outlook on life and my 4 year old can now put her arms around my waist to hug me and that feels amazing! I know that I still have a little way to go with my weight loss but I think that I can do it and I’m never going back to my old ways!!! Thank you Michelle

chris carUpdate on Chris who has been training with Adele since October 2013. It has been a busy few months for me with karting, with trips to Wagga Wagga for Round 4 of the Southern Star Series, two trips to Grenfell for NSW Open State Titles, regular club meets here at Canberra and a trip to Dubbo for the final round of the Southern Star Series this coming weekend. It has been a challenging few months as there has been a lot of fitness needed to compete at these levels. Adele has helped achieve and maintain these required levels of fitness for me to be able to compete. I enjoy these session especially learning new boundaries to which I can push myself towards.
Within these events I have achieved a varying range of results. I competed recently in the NSW Open State Championships, racing against some very talented current and former national and international champions. I finished just outside the top ten in eleventh place. I set a lap record for the X30 Light class at the Grenfell race track during the shakedown meet for State titles in September.I am also currently leading the local senior club championship and running second in my class in the Southern Star Series. At the last round of the southern star series at Wagga Wagga I achieved 3rd place despite several racing incidents, one causing minor injury to my leg. Chris 



Thanks Adele. Thank you again for all the support and encouragement that you gave me since I first started seeing you. You have done wonders in my life. The good news is that I have run my fastest 5 km so far and am running 5 km nearly every day now. I will looking forward to seeing you again on 02/01/2015, Keep up the good work. Warm regards, KH




“I was absolutely thrilled to hear Adele was entering the fitness industry. I engaged Adele in the New Year to help me with my fitness. Adele provided me with a personal program that I could exercise from home, absolutely love it. Adele and I went through each individual exercise prior to me engaging the exercises at home making sure each exercise was correctly executed. The on-going support and texts I have received from Adele to inspire me, have been wonderful. Adele’s expertise has been rewarding for myself and the family. I would have no hesitation in recommending Adele to others.” – Denise


I have been going to Adele and using her Simply Gorgeous service for nearly 2.5 years. When Adele told me she was completing her Certificate in Fitness to become a Personal Trainer I really made the conscious decision then to use this service as well once she was qualified. I have struggled with my weight and fitness levels my entire life but since using the FitPlus Service I am now well on my way to achieving my weight and fitness goals. The fitness programs that Adele has created for me are both challenging but also fun and I am able to do my workout either at home or the gym, depending on my day. While I still have a long way to go, I am confident that with Adele’s help, I will be able to achieve these goals. Thank you again Adele.” – Lauren


ADELE you are the best! Wael Mabrouk 

I have been getting so many comments about my nails since Adele has been doing them. Adele is a beautiful, enthusiastic and energetic personality. I could certainly recommend Smile Fitness. Jan Jones

gel french

Adele’s service is nothing short of amazing. She puts 110% into every treatment she carries out from My Gel nails to tanning and also My personal training personalized plan. Thank you Adele. Kate



emilyI have been going to Adele at Smile Fitness for many years for all my beauty requirements. I first went there after receiving a recommendation from a friend after saying I wanted to get my nails in better shape. My nails were terrible, they were brittle and would break easily and were always short. Adele has helped my nails tremendously and got my nails into the best shape they have ever been so quickly. I first got gel nails to get my nails to grow out and then changed to Celiac. My nails are the strongest they have ever been. I would recommend Adele (Smile Fitness) to anyone. Emily Turner


Adele is artistic, talented and determined, and gives everything she does 110%. I would highly recommend her  services to anyone and everyone, Andrea 


You are amazing Adele, thank you for everything you do xxx Sarah Camillieri 

bootcamp her canberra

I enjoy your boot camps so much. I may struggle at times but what is it worth if you don’t feel as though you are working hard. Thanks.” – Janin


“I started personal training sessions with Adele in October 2013. As a go kart racer I need to be fit and Adele is helping me with my overall fitness and my core strength, both important for kart racing. The core work is very useful because it means I can hold a good position in my seat especially through corners where g-forces tend to push you around. The general fitness helps in two ways, with stamina so I can drive multiple races in a day and not be completely exhausted at the end of the day and with the weight which means I have to add less lead to my go kart to keep me at minimum weight for my race class.” – Chris


“I would love to share the experience of having a fabulous personal trainer who has provided me with expert knowledge, workout program and eating plan, using the equipment I have available and time, to assist me to achieve my goals. In doing this Adele from FitPlus has also been my beauty therapist for over 5 years.
I recommend all my friends, family and associates to Adele’s fabulous services. A little joke we have… we call it being ‘Adele’d’.” – Kate

 Service is professional, warm and friendly

 Irresistible prices and convenient location

 Many options to select and always new products and services to try   

 Pleasing atmosphere where you can lie back and enjoy     

Loyal clientele due to the impeccable services received …… and   

Yes, has my full support and all I need to say is  “Simply Gorgeous” Thanks Adele. warm regards, Evi.


I’ve been coming to see Adele and using the Environ products for many years and I’m still amazed at how I am not ageing. The Environ products are the best I’ve ever used and at a fraction of the cost of others. I’m very grateful Adele was recommended to me by a friend. I recommend her and her products to all. Thanks Adele, Leisl.

“A friend of mine referred me to Adele at ‘Simply Gorgeous Health and Beauty’ to have my nails manicured. After loving what she had done to my hands , I decided to treat myself to a facial. I have had facials before and thought I knew what to expect……. Oh how wrong was I!….As Adele prepared me for the treatment I knew this was going to be no ordinary facial.” [Linda’s description of the facial procedure has been withheld, so that all is not revealed to future clients :), however we can tell you that she fell into a semi conscious slumber] “It took me some time to wake from my 60 minutes of pure pampering and when I did, the first thing I said was ‘how often can I have one of these?’. I recommend Adele at Simply Gorgeous Health and Beauty for all your beauty needs and if looking for that extra special treat for yourself or a friend a facial from Adele is a must!” Linda Shannon..

I would love to invite you to receive the same experience I receive. I have my nails, waxing and Gel toes carried out by Adele on a regular basis and have had for a number of years now. To be able to receive such a high standard of service, professionalism in a clean salon is a absolute pleasure. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adele for any treatments. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any further questions. Kate Coultas – 0404857929

If you are looking for a place to go to get all your beauty needs met, then visiting Adele at Simply Gorgeous Health and Beauty is the answer you’ve been looking for. I have been a client of Adele’s for many years and regularly visit to get my little patch of ‘me’ time! I regularly use Adele’s waxing services and have manicures, pedicures and the most fantastic facials that really relax and revitalise both the skin and the mind. The Salon is based in a quiet area, where parking is never a problem and it is truly a peaceful experience. Adele is the most professional beauty therapist, with exceptionally clean premises and on-time appointments. I highly recommend giving Adele a call, you’ll never need to look for another Beauty Salon again! – Shae Hair

I have been visiting Simply Gorgeous Health and Beauty for a number of years now, usually for face wax, and have always found Adele to be very professional, on time, and up for a chat whilst the job is being done. Also I have had a lot less pain from the waxing since I have been going to her. Yesterday I had a one hour facial, which was a birthday present from my daughter and son-in-law and was the best present ever. One hour of being pampered and creamed and I came out forgetting that I was 72. My last comment was “that it was worth having a birthday for that facial”. Thanks Adele. Jean Pennel

kumalieNothing creates calm and re-centres the soul like a stopover at Adele’s every month… it’s essential when you live and breathe family and work to top up your emotional bank account’ K Walker (client) 

Very reliable, friendly, professional service. Convenient local location. No parking problems!! Highly recommended. Pristine premises. A wonderful experience. Lynne

Adele, I want to thank you for the work you have done on my nails. They look the best they ever have. I love them and they have given me the confidence to show my hands to others. Thank you and I look forward to being one of your most regular clients in 2013. Linda

renee plankI have become a regular customer of ‘Simply Gorgeous Health and Beauty’ since my first visit over a year ago. I am impressed by the professional manner of Adele and enjoy the setting and experience. I am pleased with the result of the work done and have recommended the service to my friends. Renee