#TBT – Throw Back Thursday

Throwback Thursday! 1967! This is where my passion for movement and fitness, fashion and makeup began. At aged four my mother said that I begged her to take me to ballet lessons. How I knew about ballet I don’t know, as my mother was a secretary and my father an accountant who owned his own boxing club, and in 1966 television viewing was limited. In this photo I won my ballet section in my first Eisteddfod aged 5. Apparently the adjudicator stood up and asked where my mother was in the audience. She then told my mother that I was born for the stage. I am my happiest performing. I think it’s time to audition for another musical?
As we pass through all the stages when we are born, from learning to roll, sit, crawl, stand, walk, squat and run, as babies we are driven. We don’t complain about how sore it made our arm or leg. You watch a baby… it has determination, desire, passion and drive. Children crave the outdoors, running, jumping, skipping, kicking the ball. When they get to an oval, they don’t sit down on the floor and declare they are too exhausted! Instead they run like their life depends on it with a huge grin on their face and delight in their eyes! So where did we as adults lose all that passion for movement, fun and adventure?
Yes we have to work to put food on the table, but we are now obsessed with technology and we are slowly losing our muscle tone, flexibility, our joints are ceasing up.
We all have choices. Choose to get up and get moving. Lead by example. Have a fabulously energetic day! adele5 years#tbthursday #tbt #grateful #canberra#canberrastylist #canberrafitness #canberrabeauty #beauty #fitness#fashionstylist #makeupartist #ballet #eisteddfod #trophy #winner #lovelife#leadbyexample