Smile Fitness Retreat 2018

Sunday was a HUGE day in the history of Smile Fitness!

Finally after months of planning my idea for a FULL DAY RETREAT became real.

My ladies were treated to an amazing day filled with delicious food and marvellous workshops at the gorgeous Tuggeranong Homestead in Canberra.

The weather was outstanding, the food was delicious and the workshops were intensely satisfying.

“It was a great day! The whole package was excellent.
Making people feel happy is your goal in life and that is why we like to be around you. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.”

The whole idea of the day was to take the ladies through a journey from how to exercise, to the how to’s of makeup all the way to how to dress for your body type. In the hopes that they left feeling renewed and fabulous.

And we did it! 😁

“What a fantastic day! You were a amazing! Well Done Adèle!” ❤️

Exciting announcements will be coming soon and WOW are you going to love it.

Keep Smiling ☺️☺️


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