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‘Celebrate life with Adele’ – where we teach you to move without injury, eat nutritiously, and achieve your fitness and weight loss goals improving your health and lifestyle.

FREE Outdoor Fitness Class

Come and try a Smile Fitnesss outdoor fitness lessons. Classes run for 60 minutes. At Alfred Deakin High School, Deakin. Tuesdays and Thursdays 6–7am or Saturdays 7–8am

Michelle’s Before and After

Dear Adele

I would just like to thank you SO much for helping me on my Weight loss journey. I never thought I could do it….well I new I could do it I just didn’t know how. With all your help on what to do and what to eat and your support I did it! I lost 24kg and got into my wedding dress. Looking back now when I first started with you at 80kg I thought to myself… this lady is crazy. There was no way I was going to stick to this diet let a lone find time to exercise.
But I had to do something and with all your advice and kind words I did it. I now go without certain foods, in fact my palate has changed completely! Food I would have never given a second thought to I now enjoy. I love my new breakfast instead of what I use to eat. I had to teach my self to eat salads which was the first thing I would scrape off my plate and call it rabbit food lol. I now eat fruit and veg that I would never have tried before!
So to anyone that is thinking about trying to lose weight I say….if I can do it you can too.
It’s not a diet it’s a life style change. I do still enjoy my coffee of a morning and a piece of chocolate, but not the whole block! I’m now much more educated on what I can put in my mouth! I now have time, well I’ve made time to exercise every day and I feel bad if I don’t.
I’m so glad that I made the decision to ask you for help! Everyone says how good I look now and even my doctor has given me the thumbs up!
Adele you have changed my life for the better and for that I can never thank you enough .
Regards Michelle

Personal Training

Whether your goal is body building, body sculpting, losing a dress size or just toning what you have, we will write you a program to help you get there. At home or at the gym, we will customise a personal training routine that ensures you are using the correct techniques, avoiding injury and seeing results for your efforts. We offer customised individual and ‘couples’ classes with Adele.

Outdoor Fitness Classes

Definitely outdoor training with a difference…Come and work your body in the fresh outdoors to the sounds of nature. We focus on Technical training. You will leave with a new dance move, an Energised overall feeling and a Big Smile. Meet new friends.  Our classes are a fun, enjoyable and sociable workout that leaves you wanting more. We cater for every fitness level. Our highly experienced staff will modify each exercise according to your ability. The idea is to get you fit and keep you fit and we’ll tailor your sessions to work best for you.

 Outdoor Fitness Classes

Outdoor Fitness Classes

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Body building and sculpting

There is more to building the body than just lifting heavy weights! It requires a change in mindset and mental strength. There is a lot to be gained besides muscle size, you will learn so much about yourself! It is all about the correct techniques used so as to prevent injury and get the best gains with your effort. Adele has learned from the best, and with her ballet training combined with her own body building achievements, you can be confident that your time spent sculpting or body building will get you the results you want.
No matter where you are in your Body Building/Sculpting journey there is always something new to be learned. The body responds well to new stimuli and thrives on change and new challenges. You are not growing unless you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to new heights!!! Accept the challenge and contact us now!

Special Needs

We work together with your Allied Health Professional

 Personal Training Studio

Personal Training Studio

Strengthening, Technical training and Injury prevention

For Dancers, Gymnasts and Athletes.- We also cater for athletes who need to improve their endurance, core or upper body strength.

Weight Loss

We believe your new self is all about what you eat! We will advise you on how to eat correctly and make informed decisions about feeding your body nutritious foods that help you avoid feeling sluggish and make you energised and enthusiastic about life.

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