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Fashion at Smile Fitness

Personal styling also known as professional dressing—is no longer restricted to the Hollywood set. At Smile Fitness we offer a service that is accessible to everyone.

Fashionable and fun

Fashion is our focus, we want you to look and feel like the next top model! Come and see us and we will take you there! Make an appointment Today.

Fashion at Smile Fitness

We know that as we get busy it is easy to fall into a rut with our personal style. Yet there is no doubt that the ‘right’ outfit can make us all look and feel great. Imagine opening your wardrobe and being able to quickly pull together an outfit that not only suited your lifestyle, but made you look modern, stylish and appropriately-groomed no matter what the occasion.

A relaxed, friendly and fun session with Adele can help you transform your image and wardrobe regardless of budget. In fact, professional dressing can actually be a cost-saving investment because you build a wardrobe of clothes that coordinates with each other to give you many combinations. You are also able to avoid expensive mistakes.

But above all, professional styling can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Colour Analysis : A wonderfully enlightening experience where we introduce you to the world of colour. Showing you which colours best suit your natural features. You leave empowered with your new found knowledge and your personal colour swatch to keep in your handbag.
  • Wardrobe Analysis : We will assess your body type, visit your home and go through your entire wardrobe and show you what to retire and what to keep.
  • Shopping trip : After establishing your budget and your wardrobe requirements we will take you for a morning/afternoon/day on the town to teach you how to apply your new found knowledge. Selecting and purchasing new pieces for your new look or a specific outfit for that special occasion.


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Smile Fitness client Michelle has done the complete journey through Smile Fitness. – Fitness, Beauty and Fashion

Michelle signed up for the Smile Fitness 12 week challenge in September 2014. Her goal was to lose 10 kg so that her 4 year old daughter could put her arms around her waist. After 12 weeks Michelle had lost 10kg A new goal was set to lose another 10kgs. Adele wrote Michelle a new workout program and fine tuned the diet and Michelle lost another 10kg!!

Michelle set a new goal. She decided that she would like to fit into the wedding dress that she bought seven years ago for her wedding that was postponed because she fell pregnant and couldn’t get into the dress. ‘My wedding dress is still sitting in my mother’s wardrobe gathering dust!!!

Michelle wanted to get married!!!

A wedding date was set. It was decided that Michelle would need to lose another 3kg to fit into the dress. Again the workout program was reviewed and the diet fine-tuned and Michelle lost another 4kgs!!! A total of 24kgs were lost!

Michelle married Len on 8th November 2015. Adele at Smile Fitness did her spray tan, nails, make up and waxing. Adele also did the Bridesmaid’s and mother of the Bride’s make up. It was a glorious day. The wedding was at the Canberra Arboretum. A wonderful story with a fabulous ending, except that it didn’t end there!!!

Michelle always wore tracksuit pants and a ‘T’ shirt hiding her new shapely body. Adele did a Colour Analysis on Michelle to establish which colours would best suit her colouring, and then Adele took her shopping for a new outfit, including matching handbag and Michelle’s first pair of high heeled shoes!!!. A photo shoot was then arranged with Doug Hall, a Canberra Photographer. Adele also supervised Michelle’s hair and did her makeup. Can you believe the ‘before and after’? Michelle has decided to wear this new outfit to her son’s wedding in November 2016.

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