Can you see?

Welcome to my blog – Reasons to Smile! It is through this door that I will share with you insider tips on Fitness, Beauty, Makeup, Styling, Inspiration, Skincare, and whatever I feel will give you a Reason to Smile. Please feel free to share with someone who you think will benefit from the information. Here is my first insider tip. Enjoy.

There is nothing worse than looking into the face of someone who has applied makeup for the sake of wearing makeup! Having witnessed this for years, I have come to the conclusion that no makeup is better than bad makeup! So, ladies, please take note of the following tip and more to follow over the coming weeks and months, that will help you leave your house in the morning feeling confident about the way you look!

LIGHTING – Don’t attempt to apply makeup in bad lighting….it will be very evident when you walk outside into the natural light. Find a place by the window and put your mirror there. Face the window head on so that the light falls evenly on your face and have a good look at yourself. Which gets me to a very important question…can you see? If you don’t trust your vision then invest in a mirror that is magnified on one side for the intricate work. Be creative with the way you set up your workstation, so that you are in the position to produce your best work for the world to see, as you step outside the door. 

Here is an example of what I do…my grandson’s cot stands next to my bed conveniently next to the window, providing the perfect height for me to work at with the best natural light. I use my ipad as the ‘table’ across the corner, and then I put my double sided mirror on the ipad. Now I’m set up to produce my best work. 

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