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Day 20

Day 20 of Handstand February. I so hoped that I could pull this off! YAY is all I have to...

Day 19

Day 19 of Handstand February! My daughter Kirsten’s birthday. Here’s one for you baba…by the sea


Congratulations to Smile Fitness client Brett Haussmann for completing the Ultimate Husky long course Triathlon. 🏊2km 🚴83km 20km in his personal best...

Day 18 Handstand February

Day 18 of Handstand February. At the Huskisson Triathlon wishing Brett Haussmann and the Tuggeranong Vikings team all the best...

Bicep Preacher curls

I solved the ‘Preacher Curl’ problem AND it’s gentle on the triceps! Beauty beds have many uses! We are all...

Kelly loses 6 kg

Congratulations to Smile Fitness client Kelly for losing 5kg in 6 weeks!!! We are SO proud of you

Smile Fitness winner

Welcoming the Smile Fitness/Her Canberra 3 month package competition winner Courtney Taylor to the SMILEY FACE club  

Cooking circles

Vetkoek and Mince at Cooking Circles. Thank you to Brett Haussmann for deep frying the vetkoek and to Renee and...

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