A difficult choice

Years ago when I was beginning my fitness journey, the meal plan I was to follow meant that I wouldn’t be able to eat my usual breakfast ☹ I loved a particular bread (which had every reason under the sun as to why it was so healthy for me, printed on the wrapping) from the local grocery store, toasted with a huge dollop of peanut butter and a cup of tea to start my day! The thought of giving it up daunted me, I flatly refused to, I remember saying ‘that is the one thing that I am not prepared to give up to achieve my goal!’ – My goal was to see my abs.

In those days, my husband and I had one treat that we looked forward to all week, and that was to go out for breakfast on a Sunday morning. I loved a breakfast with eggs on toast. Again, I said that I wasn’t prepared to give it up! I began the meal plan but struggled to give these foods up and at the first weigh in I hadn’t lost any weight ☹ It was such a wakeup call!  I was exercising like crazy, but struggled to apply the food rules and the weight didn’t shift! Wow! This meant that I actually had to remove my favourite meals. How was I going to survive?  Did I have what it took to achieve my goal? Was I disciplined enough?

I had to weigh this all up. I hated my muffin top with a passion…. I loved my food with a passion…

I decided to try it…to stick to the meal plan religiously…to give it all I had for 3 weeks and see if I had what it took. I REALLY struggled! I have such a sweet tooth. My family have always known me as Queen of Bake! When I was still at school my family knew that I came home from school on a Friday afternoon and baked for the weekend. Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) was at war in those days and the men would be conscripted to fight in the military, serving 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off. My boyfriend (who is now my husband) served one of his stints in the city, Salisbury, where we lived, and so on a Friday afternoon he would arrive at my parent’s back door on an army motorbike and would eat whatever I was baking hot off the cooling rack 😊

The 3-week weigh in arrived and I had lost 3kg!!! My clothes felt amazing. I was feeling and seeing the results and this was very motivating. I realised that my food passions were also my enemy. I would bake them, eat them, and then feel miserable. However, sticking to the eating plan and exercising made me SMILE. Something else that I noticed was that my palate was identifying and enjoying the tastes of the nutritious foods that I was forced to eat! I began to realise that the breads were just fillers and my palate preferred the taste of the real foods. This became a win-win situation. Some months later I decided to ‘treat’ myself with my toast with peanut butter for breakfast. I took one bite, began to chew it, and removed it from my mouth and threw it all in the bin…my palate didn’t recognise it as food…Wow!!!

breakfastI write this to hopefully encourage you to give it a go. I know it is difficult. I have been there, but the results speak for themselves and the health benefits are enormous! If you need any assistance with meal plans and motivation, contact me.  Let’s get you SMILING 😊😊😊