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  • Michelle wanted to lose weight so that her daughter could put her arms around her waist- image 1

  • With Adele’s guidance she lost 10kg in 12 weeks – image 2

  • She then married the love of her life losing a total of 24kg – image 3

  • Adele completed Michelle’s road to confidence with grooming & styling – image 4

Look and feel your best with our unique ‘end to end’ services. Improve your appearance, build confidence and reach your dreams!

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Our bodies go through so much during the day, whether it’s sitting hunched over a desk or chasing children around the house, by the time we get into bed our muscles are left sore and strained.

I used to wake up in the morning in so much pain and found simple tasks such as bending over and standing up so difficult.

I felt like I was losing control of my body.

That is, until I found these stretches – something so simple and yet so often forgotten.

Once I created and added these stretches to my morning routine my life had a complete turnaround.

No more stiff muscles when I woke up, no more pain when I bent over or got up.

I’m giving away my TOP 7 stretches, where I reveal exactly what I do to ease sore and stiff muscles, PLUS a bonus stretch for the most overused and underrated muscle group.

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  • Personal Training

    At Smile fitness we tailor our personal training packages exactly to the goals that you want to achieve.

  • Beauty Packages

    We offer monthly specials and packages on our social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You don’t want to miss out!!!

  • Wardrobe Analysis

    Our professional stylists looks over your current wardrobe and give you some great advice!

  • Colour Analysis

    Personal color analysis is the is the process of determining colors of clothing and makeup to match your skin complexion.

  • Weight Loss

    I Teach you how to eat clean for your specific needs and goals, including health issues, improving your body shape.

  • Massage

    We offer the best massages in Canberra – from aromatherapy to hot stone and everything in-between! Ensuring your ultimate comfort.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up!

There are days when I go into the gym and I’m just too sore and can’t see myself doing the workout planned for the day. On those days I set myself a simpler task and tell myself that after ten minutes, if I’m still feeling flat, I can leave the gym and rest. 90% of the time it’s all in my head. Within minutes I am pumping out the reps, enjoying the challenge. Something else I’ve noticed is some days I am really bad at a certain exercise. That is usually due to fatigue. Instead of doing 20 I’ll do ten. But I’ll do them! Then suddenly one day you arrive to do your workout and you’re a machine! You discover muscles that you didn’t know you had and you are unstoppable! WE ALL LOVE THOSE DAYS. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated every day. Winners are people who never quit.

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Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life

Our 4/8/12/24 week challenges are exactly that – A challenge! Call now for more information

Personal Training

Personal Training

(30 and 60min sessions) All of our personal training sessions are planned taking into consideration all of your goals.

Body Building

Body Building

At smile fitness we cover all bases. If building on what you already have is your goal, then call now!

Adele Haussmann
Smile Fitness provides a fusion of personal training, nutrition, professional styling and beauty expertise to help people look and feel their personal best. We offer you a professional, welcoming, warm and friendly service located in a quiet, discreet location with plenty of parking. Our Personal Training and Beauty Studios are equipped with modern state of the art equipment.

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