We are designed to move!

We are a result of our own habits, and products of where we spend our time. 

We all have the same time – 24 hours in a day, 168 hours a week, 8760hours per year. 

Most people  have some control over where they live, who they spend their time with, where they choose to work, and we ALL have complete control over what we choose to eat and what we choose to do with our spare time. As a rule, in a day, we sleep 8 hours, work 8 hours and play 8 hours. 

Yesterday I met the most extraordinary man! His name is Sam Cawthorn. This gentleman has experienced something beyond his control. He had a car accident and lost his right arm. They also told him that he would never walk again. HE could have CHOSEN to fall into a deep hole of self pity..

Instead, HE CHOSE to fight with all his might and now he is walking, just fathered his third child, started a business teaching people how to give presentations and travels the world as an inspirational speaker!!! He is the most intensely passionate man I have EVER met!!! Just extraordinary!

I want you to stand up and go and look at yourself in the mirror. 

  • You have a roof over your head? YES
  • A job to go to, or some form of income? YES
  • Clothes in your cupboard? YES
  • Food in your fridge? YES
  • And probably a car in your driveway? YES
  • You are also incredibly fortunate to have both your arms and legs etc. 

Are you making the most of what you have? 

  • YOU get to choose if you sleep for those 8 hours, 
  • YOU can choose where you spend your 8 hours a day working (it is a personal choice) 
  • AND YOU get to choose what you do with your 8 hours off. 
  • YOU have COMPLETE control over what YOU CHOOSE to eat, 
  • and YOU get to CHOOSE to exercise or find a million excuses as to why you can’t. 

Remember this: 

  1. THE BODY WAS DESIGNED TO MOVE! So make a plan and move EVERY DAY for your life’s sake. STOP WHINGEING!!! (Think of Sam!)
  2. YOU are WHAT YOU EAT! and that’s a fact and, YES! IT DOES APPLY TO YOU! So take responsibility for what you put in your mouth!
  3. REPEAT!!!
Sam Cawthorn

Make the most of your weekend.

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